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Entry #7

Forum signature for crazygiraffe

7/16/10 by Xenolithic
Updated 7/16/10

Here you go, man.

I couldn't let you shame Coleman with the shitty quality of your current one. (Uploading it, for some reason, kills the text, but if you re-upload it as your sig I'm sure it'll be fine.)

Edit: Just checked quality when uploaded as a sig: It's fine.

From the idea from NewgroundsNation: 7c1a2444830992852624a102db585f

Forum signature for crazygiraffe


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cant tell if or just

i forgot 5/28

You should probably upload that sig to the dumping grounds, when you uploaded it to your newspost it shrank it.

7/16/10 Xenolithic responds:

Good idea, thanks.